The Adventure Begins

And once again, it begins with food.  For those who know us, this should come as no surprise.

Lindsay: I recently bought a cookbook published in 1959, and we decided to kick off our first Saturday with a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal.  We quickly realized, however, that the women from the General Foods Kitchen Cookbook had more tips for, say, managing a family meal on a two-burner stove (“like many of the other problems you solve so well every day, you can solve this one”)  or balancing the demands of work and domestic life (“you, more than most people, need to keep a well-stocked emergency shelf. For there are certain to be times when your boss asks you to stay beyond market closing times, and it’s all you can do to get home in time to fix dinner”).  Thankfully, we have the Martha Stewart Cookbook as well. 

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It Began, as All Good Things Do, Over Food


Beef-bacon cheddar cheeseburgers, a plate of chili cheese fries, and one serious post-education rut, to be precise.  Work life in New York City was not the same as college life.  All-nighters and afternoons in the park had turned into the monotony of 9-6 jobs and after-work happy hours. 

We were in a funk. 

So we decided to create our own new adventures.

We made a pact to re-discover the City we live in.  Every week we set out on a new adventure, uncovering the hidden pleasures of common places and exploring parts of the City we’ve never seen before.  Abandoning the creature comforts of our neighborhoods, we’ll travel throughout the five boroughs—and maybe even find a few unexpected delights in our own.  

This blog documents our journey to find life outside the apartment.